Bundles Of Love For $1200

I had to run over to the pet store to pick up some dry kitten food. My daughter tells me my baby, Pixel Kitten, needs to be on it til she is a year old so she is getting enough fats and proteins for her little, rapidly growing body. When I walked in the door, there in the display case I saw the cutest little Yorkie puppies. OMG I SO want them both! Floppy ears (so glad no one had their ears done) and so blasted adorable.

If I had $1200 I’d have walked out with both of them and figured out what to tell my mom later. Seriously, she could not have been around these adorable babies and not wanted to keep them, they are SO cute! They’d be loved all to death in the Diva Den, spoiled totally rotten with attention and affection. Diva Sarah would have them sleeping with her, she wants a dog so bad. Two would make her whole year on the spot!

Of course, they are males…which means they don’t quite make it in the estrogen tank of 5 women and 2 female cats. But we could name them Arthur and Lancelot, 4 legged ‘prince charmings’ that would never let us down. SIGH…oh well, I can dream!

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  1. Aweh:) I wantz!!!!!!! (tho Domino would view them as treats) Sadly she’s grandfathered in…sigh

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