It’s A Teddy Bear Kind Of Day…

This day is screaming at me to go home, curl up in bed and wrap around my teddy bear.  Seriously.

First, it is a tad chilly out, high temperature today will only be 65.  That is sweat shirt weather and I grabbed a hoodie.  I have no hoodies for my place of employment, in fact I am not at all sure the company has any printed up.  Instead I’m sporting one advertising my friend’s pest control company.  I love it, all soft inside, just thick enough that it is warm and cozy.

Coffee is flowing like crazy today, I am exhausted.  I stayed up way too late last night watching the rescue of the miners in Chile.  And then the rescue crew, because that is how I am.  With brothers that are fire fighters I know how important those rescuers are to their own families and I just had to know that they made it safely out of the mine after they got those that were trapped out of that hell hole.  I swear if I stop moving for 5 minutes today I’ll be sound to sleep.

Thanks to some mild thunderstorms, with some strong wind gusts ahead of the rain, it looked like it was snowing large gold flakes on the way home yesterday with the leaves flying.  It was actually very cool to drive through, very pretty.  Now today there are a LOT more leaves on the ground and the trees look exceedingly bare in some places, making it feel more like Autumn.  That makes me want to go curl up with someone (yes I have someone in mind, Mr. TSASA in fact) in front of a fire and snuggle.  And nap.  Naps are important right? And really what better way to nap than wrapped up warmly in someone’s nice, strong arms?

I woke up this morning with either a cold setting in, or my allergies going crazy.  Every Fall and Spring, I go through this.  Sore throat, headache and nose running, and I lose my voice.  Now there are likely a handful of folks that would say my having no voice is a good thing.  But in my job, I need to be on the phone a lot and so not having a voice is NOT going to be a good thing if this is my semi-annual allergy induced silence.  I’m less than thrilled.

This morning I was feeling a rebel moment coming on.  The end result of that is my hair is pink today.  My work polos are black and red (and one that neon green) so it clashes with the pink I like to spray in my hair. It also just isn’t all that darn professional.  I haven’t sported my fun color in a few weeks.  HOWEVER seeing that I am in a black hoodie today, and the reality is I see no one but the painters and occasionally the owner or regional VP of the company, I basically said “fuck it” and grabbed the spray can.  🙂  I am feeling pink!  Purple is one of my top colors but pink is the all time favorite.  My bedroom was bright pink as a kid.  I will always lean toward pink in anything I buy for myself.    Pink is girlie and while I have a ‘butch’ side to me, I’m a girlie butch.  Pink makes me feel warm and fuzzy, which makes me want to snuggle and that brings Mr. TSASA and my teddy bear back to mind again.

Yep, it is a teddy bear kind of a day.


  1. I, too am wearing the pink in my hairs. Daughter dropped it in (yes , it’s permanent) for October, which we all know is Breast CA Awareness month! Drop by my FB account and comment on my BEBOLDBEBALD link! I’m not soliciting, just asking for a note of support for the cause:) Huggles! And yes…it is def. a Teddy Bear sorta day!!

    • Well don’t really have much purple stuff. Pink..everything from my pen to my hair (there is a hair pic sometime back with the pink).

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