How I'll Remember 10/10/10

Today will be very memorable because it is my little sister's birthday. Diva Boo is already baking her cake, she insisted she was making her own bday cake because she stumbled on a Halloween cake and icing at the grocery store. Black and orange are not only our favorite football team's colors but her favorite because this is the month of Halloween, her favorite holiday.

It is a beautiful day for a birthday, fall skies are very blue, the sun is shining, it is going to be very warm, the trees are all colorful, just an all around gorgeous day on tap.

It will also be memorable because I was just in the kitchen to start pot of coffee number 3, and she confessed that she had just gotten back into FarmVille on Facebook. I feel as if I failed an addict in rehab some how on that one. This is the chick that is a total addict to World Of Warcraft, and THAT is totally the game, what the heck is she thinking getting sucked back into FarmVille??? FAIL!!!!!

Ah well, in a few weeks when she is at work in a panic and texts me to see if I have time to go in and harvest her crops before they wilt in the fields, I'll launch an intervention and get her some therapy.

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    • I used to be, then once I played World of Warcraft I stopped. Then I stopped that too. NO more damn computer games for me they take over my damn life.

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