10 Things I Love About Fall

Mama's Losin' It

I love the Fall for the change in temperatures.  Oh I am a total warm weather fan, but I love being able to wear my warm, soft, fuzzy on the inside sweat shirts.  Especially hoodies, I need that pocket on the front to put my cell phone, keys and other items in when I am out and about.

Having the windows open due to the change in the temperatures is nice too.  Cooler outside and less humidity, even on a day when it is in the mid 70’s like today, the windows are open and the breeze blowing through, and sleeping with the windows open is even better!

Football season is in full swing, and I LOVE football!  Ohio State, UC and of course the Cincinnati Bengals are  my teams, I just love watching them!

Fire pits are another plus.  Sure, there are some cooler evenings in the summer when you can use them, but it is so nice to be able to sit around the fire pit with coffee or a couple of beers, with friends and snacks and just relax on any given weekend.  I love the smell too.

Speaking of smells, there is nothing like the smell of fire places if you are out walking on a cool, Autumn night.  Kinda puts me in a romantic frame of mind.

The return of the holidays is on the horizon, and I LOVE the holiday season.  But for now, the hay rides, cider, and Halloween are all fun and all put a smile on my face.

Time to for hooking again when the Fall weather sets in!  I love to crochet but when it is hot out it is miserable to have a big blanket over my lap.  Fall weather means I can pick up the yarn and my hook and snuggle under my latest project.

While shorter day light time isn’t a real thrill, I tend to get more sleep in the Fall.  My body says it is bedtime once it gets dark so I tend to go to bed much earlier than I do in the summer.  It is like my major recharge time once the days grow shorter.

Food changes with the seasons, the focus moving from cookouts and burgers to chili and stews in the Fall.  I LOVE when it is time to mix up the meals and start changing what we serve.   Last night we dined on strawberry almond salad for the last time, as the strawberries need to be fresh for this to be a great meal.  Chili, soup, stew, all of these will now become part of our menu.

And last but not least…change in the outside world around me.  I LOVE the colors of this time of year!  I am blessed to live in an area of the country where we get to experience all 4 seasons fully.  This makes us appreciate each one all the more.  Fall brings about the leaves on the trees changing color, mums in  bright oranges, amber and gold, even the air takes on a different smell, you can detect the change with your nose!


    • We could use the rain right now! Everything is so dry I swear if you drop a match in the front yard the whole street might burn down.

      • Think the whole east and west side would go up in flames. Our pond is down almost 2 ft:( Frogs are drowning…if that makes any sense.

  1. HI there! Thanks for the comment over on my blog. I love the smell this time of year too! I’m not sure if we live in the same area of the country or not – where are you? I’m in Halifax, Nova Scotia, north of the border 🙂

      • Same time zone…tho I heard today from a client that Upper NY had 3 inches of (dare I say it?) snow. He is 10 min’s outta Canada.Stationed (army infantry) there. Yes I “saluted”! and he thanked me. Tho none was necessary.

  2. I agree with you it all except Football- I hate football! And sadly, here in So Cal, the only thing that changes color is my grass. It goes from green, to greenish brown. I miss the changing of the leaves.

    • This year the leaves aren’t going many colors, summer was way too dry so things are just kinda dying off 😦

      • hm…and it’s only Oct. 1st? says this Bitch (on 3 wheels). SAD sucks. I agree Marv”) and pray…spring shall grace us once again. Hopefully sooner than later. Meantime? I’ll be ever grateful to my family and friends for putting up w/ me thru yet another dreaded winter. Spring hopes eternal! or words to that effect”) Oh! I haz candy…as in CORN! Will deliver! soon”)

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