The Breast Milk Debate

WARNING: This post might be full of T.M.I. (too much information) for some that know me!!

I listen to local radio station, WKRQ, 101.9FM, here in Cincinnati.  On Wednesdays listeners can call in to the Jeff & Jenn morning show and share something in an effort to “wow” others, hence they call it Wow Wednesday.

Yesterday a woman called in talking about how she was making dinner for her hubby/boyfriend (not sure which it is) and her kids and discovered that she had ran out of milk.  With no time to run for more, I’m guessing, she decided to substitute her breast milk (she is currently nursing a baby) in place of regular milk in the recipe.  Dinner was a success, seems the family really liked it.  Well, that is, until she explained the little substitution she had made, then seems her significant other and kids were completely grossed out.

The one show host posted it on his Facebook page, and it was the topic of conversation briefly this morning on the show during my drive in.  Those calling in or leaving FB comments had some strong opinions.

Now me..well my ex-hubby loved breast milk.  He asked me if he could try it when I was nursing our daughter and found it to be tasty.  He also found it kinda hot in a kinky sort of way.  I admit, one time when I had been unable to get home in a timely manner to feed the baby, and became engorged I needed his help.  A breast pump wasn’t working and I was in pain, so I grabbed Mr. Kinky-cheeks and took him to the bedroom and asked him to assist in the relief efforts.  He was more than happy to oblige.

Breast milk is considered the perfect food for a baby, assuming of course that mama is healthy, not doing drugs or drinking.  Cow’s milk, as one caller pointed out, is loaded with additives and steroids these days.  So what is the big hairy deal?  One caller said she used breast milk for her husband’s coffee when they ran out of creamer and he liked it so much she continues to do so.  I’m a bit undecided on this one, still mentally chewing it.

BUT I am curious what YOU think about it!  Please, weigh in and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Yea, I’m kind of on the fence about this one, too. I think she should have told her family about it beforehand, but I agree with everything everyone here says. Who knows where our milk comes from. I’m sure breast milk is 100 times healthier than processed milk from a hormone-injected cow any day!

  2. I personally would not do that but I would not knock someone who decided to do that. They make a good point about all the additives that are put into cows milk. But I also think that it is only fair to let people know what they are drinking or eating; especially if it is a non family member.

    • Agreed, a non-family member, and not telling just seem…well wrong.
      Thanks for stopping by, now following you!

  3. I’ve just gotta say that tastes do vary. To each their own. Some like chocolate, some like vanilla, some like asparagus, some like rattle snake stew, some swallow, some spit…..

    The woman just shouldn’t have told her family.

  4. I have to admit that the thought of someone adding breast milk to food kind of grosses me out. But then I think about where the gallon of milk in my fridge came from. Did it come from a cow kept in a dirty barn all day? How was it processed? What are we actually drinking? Hmmmmm.

  5. I say if you like it then no harm done. People now a days are scared to even go back to old ways we all lived on and in. Can I try some of your milk?

  6. I love breast milk and any man that refuses to try it and or does not kiss the place he came from is very narrow minded and most likely a selfish S.O.B.

  7. I don’t know first reaction is blech…but then again we have become so “purified” in our thinking that we society is now turned off by the most natural parts of our humanity. Too many thoughts to put in a short comment but I say go for it if you like it!

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