Day 02 – Something I Love About Myself

30 Days Of Truth

Day 02 – Something I Love About Myself

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Hmm…something I suppose I love about myself is that I am very low maintenance.  In other words, I am very easy to please.  I am very much a no frills type of gal in most every way I can think of at the moment.  Let me explain.

I’m not into designer labels on my clothes, shoes, etc.  I am all over functionality and price.  If the jeans are on sale and they fit nice, that is the brand I am buying.  If the shoes are a style I like, comfortable, priced right (read ON SALE), the color I seek…those are the shoes for me.  And having a bunch of different pairs is pointless.  I have a friend, a male, when getting to know me asked how many pairs of shoes I owned.  I could count them in my head, and at the time it was under 15 pair, even less now that I cleaned out my closet.  He told me the more shoes a woman has, the more high maintenance she is and that is the truth!  My purse, it’s for carrying stuff I think I need and a few things I likely DO need, and I honestly don’t care what color, brand or style it is, if it fits my needs and is priced in my range I am on it.  My nieces have designer bags and when they talk about them I haven’t a clue what they are yacking about.  I will use the same purse until it falls apart, forcing me to go buy a new one.

I prefer beer over wine, and not pricey beers just something cheap.  The most expensive beer I have ever purchased was Mich Ultra Cactus Lime.  Wine is okay, I do like some but honestly a cheap bottle is fine if it is something I like.  I am more about liking it than how old it is and how expensive.  Price does not impress me at all.  I wander the wine selection at the grocery store and look for sale tags then decide.  Most often my choice is related to the name once I know what is on sale.

I have a few pieces of expensive jewelry but nothing outrageous and the nicer things the ex-husband bought for me.  Sure I like diamonds, but it just isn’t something I feel I need to have.  One of my very favorite rings is a sterling silver one I wear on my little finger.  A friend brought it back from vacation for me when I watched her daughter while she and her significant other went on a cruise.  I wear it every day and always think happy thoughts about her and pray for her, him and their little girl when I see it.  I also think happy thoughts and pray for the ex when I see the rings he purchased, but they are also not likely to be anything I won’t easily part with either, as the sentimental value has kinda been tarnished now, as they were wedding bands and anniversary gifts.

Fancy parties or a cook out?  Give me the grilled steaks, cold beer and good friends over the fancy shamancy black tie affair, I am far more comfy that way.  Tickets to a broadway production or a football game? Hand over the football tickets and I’ll get a jersey and paint my face, let’s have some rowdy fun!  Fancy cars? Big deal, would rather be on the back of a Harley with a male friend on a Fall day than in a limo.  Candle lit dinners are nice, but I would have far more fun grabbing a picnic basket of goodies, a blanket, and finding a nice spot in a park.

Yep, I have to say, I love being just a simple, easy to please woman!

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  1. That simple, clear, uncomplicated nature is the sign of someone who’s built on top of an incredibly strong foundation of self-respect and self-esteem. Kudos to you, it is a very attractive quality!

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