Post It Note Tuesday – July 20, 2010

Welcome to Post It Note Tuesday, a blog Meme started by SUPAH Mommy on her page. All bloggers are welcome to join in the fun, simply click the Post It Note above for more information to create your notes and where to link up to share with those participating.

This week,  once again, my Notes are all  out of context  quotes from things happening in and around the Diva Den. Out of context they easily can be taken totally the wrong way so at the end of the notes I’ll explain what was really happening.

Okay now, minds OUT of the gutter! LOL

The pink post it notes are pieces of a conversation out  on the deck Saturday evening.  The  references were to snacks, what someone thought was a dry chair etc.  The yellow were in reference to corn on the cob.   My niece has  retainers and was trying to slice her corn off the cob but having issues.  My sister was attempting to eat her’s with one hand while  the other daughter held the little corn handle  with her free hand because sis injured her arm and cannot use it.  The green was all about trying to get the rope back through the squirrel that hangs by ropes on our deck, on his little swing.

See how out of context something innocent can come across very naughty!


    • LOL exactly what I knew folks would think! Often I wander into a room in the house and catch just a remark in a conversation, out of context, and think “HOLY COW!” before finding out the actual subject matter!

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