Dear Soon-To-Be-Ex (though not soon enough)

****Disclaimer – this is very full of raw emotion, and may not sit well with many.  Please do not judge me, I am venting and feel the need to put it all down in words.****

Regarding your uninvited visit to my home last night,

First, the next time you come storming out onto my deck ordering me around, “we need to talk” be forewarned that I very well may get out of my chair and slap you straight out of your shoes.   You lost the right to tell me anything the day you announced you were filing for divorce, and especially the right to tell me what to do, or even what you think I should do.  Feel free to call ahead and ask if we can talk, but be prepared for me to ignore you or tell you to go to hell.  In other words do not expect a warm fuzzy reception to the idea of seeing you or talking to you.

You seemed so perplexed when you asked me why I have such hatred toward you, I guess  you thought I’d be a sobbing mess wanting to work it out like I was the first few weeks after the big announcement?  Perhaps you expected me to send you flowers and candy and be over joyed with my sudden freedom? Perhaps you really do need your head examined because you obviously are off your rails.

I never had the pleasure of being a stay at home mom though it was my dream and you knew that.  You on the other hand were home a good portion of our childrens growing up years while I worked and supported our family.  While many of those years it simply was the logical choice as I had a great paying job and medical insurance and could pull in a larger income than you.  It also would have meant paying for daycare if you worked so it was silly for you not to be home.  Then for many years while you were down and broken from, lets see I think it was about 15 surgeries, I continued to work and provide a roof over our family’s heads.  Throughout those years you were sleep deprived from the pain you were in physically, and a flaming, wrap around grumpy asshole from the pain medications.  They were far from happy years but when we took our vows, “for better or worse, richer or poorer,  in sickness and in health” well silly me I took those quite seriously. It was worse, poorer and sickness all rolled into one big miserable experience, but I loved you and hung in there.

At some point in the midst of that I decided that going to college and getting a degree would help me to pull in a better income so I left the house every day at 6am and didn’t get home until 10pm 4 days a week and sometimes was in class on Saturdays, trying to hold down a full time job and get my education.  While I am busting my ass to improve our situation you are on Adult Friend Finder advertising for a daytime or evening playmate on days when your wife is in class, exchanging very graphic emails and meeting these ladies for lunch in search of a few booty buddies.  Bad form, dear king of the swine, really bad form.  And yet despite that, all uncovered while my mother is fighting breast cancer and my grandmother dies, I like a fool forgave you and tried to get past it all.   Is it really any wonder, under that kind of stress, I went off one night in an angry rage and told you that I wished you like your friend, Tim, that had died and were rotting in hell? Seriously did you not grasp the pain I was in from your betrayal???  But I loved you and figured that we’d hit about as ‘worse’ as it could get.

When your friend, Brian, died fighting a fire, it rocked your foundation AND mine.  My worst fear in this world was losing you in your chosen profession.   It hit a bit close to home and it really messed with my head and I know it messed badly with yours.  I’d hear sirens when you were on duty and sometimes get physically ill from the worry.

Then a few months later I lost my job.  You are picking up the slack, working more hours than ever, and I’m growing very discouraged trying to find a new job.  My stress level is on the ceiling and you wonder why, in a drunk rage I again said something I regretted and always will?

The one good thing in being jobless for 18 months was the amount of time I was able to finally spend with our daughter.  I was at last given some time to be a stay at home mom and bond with my last child, and I treasured those days.

I loved our house, loved everything that was done to improve it.  I often sat and looked around me counting my blessings, having such a neat house, and things like a pool and hot tub.  It isn’t a palace but it was ours, and our home was so my haven.  And I loved you more than you could ever know.  It isn’t news, I told you that even after 22 years I still got butterflies in my stomach when I heard you come home, your touch still felt like electricity to me.  I felt like the luckiest woman in the world to have you, our home and our kids.

Then out of no where you took all of that from me.  I lost you, the single most important person in the world to me,  lost living with my daughter before she finally is on her own with her own home, and lost MY home, my haven, and had to move out.  My future and my dreams of US.  Everything that was dear and priceless to me was taken away from me by you and destroyed, leaving me emotionally and mentally shattered.  And you seriously have to ask me where all this anger and hatred towards you comes from?  It is a fine line between love and hate I hear, and I can relate to that now. The love turns to hate because it is how the heart coats itself from the intense, pure, raw pain that burns deeper than anything I ever could have imagined experiencing.  And seeing you parading around town with your 26yo girlfriend is salt in those open wounds.

That, oh you clueless fool, is why I am so angry and so full of rage toward you.


  1. Some people are just so clouded by their inaccurate self-image that they can’t believe that they could do wrong. I applaud your realistic view of yourself Marti and afford you the latitude to vent and spew venom from time to time. Seems you’ve earned the right to do so and know that. Be well, move forward and be happy….you’ve earned that as well and I know that you know it.

  2. Marti,
    You will be happy and secure again. He will never be happy, and will never have any security, because he will live with knowing, there are other people just like him, waiting to play with his emotions.
    Kick his behind off the property the next time he shows up without scheduling an appointment. An appointment, not ‘I’m going to drop by’. He’s just somebody that never really knew you, or he wouldn’t have been such pr***.

  3. The words seem trite, but they are true….time heals. You will move on, to better and brighter things! I have been where you are and the pain seems unbearable. And worst of it all is to see the other person happily moving along as if they have no responsibility for the devastation they have left in their wake. Day by day is how you survive it! I am thankful that you at least have your diva’s and all of your family to support and love you! And many friends who care and love you, as well. And as hard as it seems to accept….things will one day be better and you will find joy and love and beauty in your life, whether you chose to find that with another or simply in yourself! I love you girl! I’m here for you and always have been and always will be.

  4. Bravo or is it Brava (I never know) but “well said.” I can relate to everything & I know there are thousands of others out there who go through the same thing with Narcissistic and sex addictive partners. They can never change….. ever …….. & you can spin your wheels forever with them. Stick to your guns. I know, and “now” recognize the utter charm of that kind of personality disorder. That’s why it’s so difficult to break loose. I went through mine when I was around your age. Now I’m 80. I then met a man who honored me & we were together 25 years. He died 10 years ago. The sex addict father of my children married a woman who was younger than our children & he got Alzhiemers & had a miserable life, dying this year. I guess the Universe has it’s own way of dealing with things.
    Rant, rave, spit & swear. Get it out. Way to go, girl.

  5. Marti… He deserves every bit of anger coming his way… You gave him unlim ited love and affection for years and his answer to that was divorce. You call him swine but that name is too good for him. Pigs are cute 🙂 lol… Satan would be a better term I think. because Satan steals your joy but comes asa wolf in sheeps clothing. You never know it until it is too late. You keep your spirits up and tell him to stay off your property … that is trespassing you know 🙂
    It would be a shame to have to have him arrested …. lol… love you 🙂

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