A Marvelous Mix

What a beautiful  Sunday this is!  The weather is  outstanding at 88 degrees and sunny with big, fluffy white clouds floating by against the blue sky.  I have my coffee  on the desk,  some Bob Coltrane – Blue Train playing  in the background and my ‘un-candle’ burning.  The un-candle, as I call it, is one of those Febreze Home Collection Luminaries that look and smell like a scented candle burning but won’t burn the house down if left unattended. Even gives off the soft light of a candle which helps set the mood.

I  got about 11 hours of glorious  sleep last  night! It was outstanding to say the least and I  might still be in bed if Pixel kitten hadn’t been so persistent at 10am that it was time to get up.  She’d stick her nose in my ear then pop her head up to see if my eyes had opened.  Had I not  been in a good mood when I woke up she’d have had her first flying lesson.  My back is sore from yesterday but it was worth it and I look forward to doing it again next year.   The paper had a nice article about the Paint The Town event this morning.  I knew a lot of folks volunteered but had no clue it was 1300 that gave their  time.  I strongly encourage others to sign up for next year, it is a lot of fun!

My daughter stopped in this morning for a visit which was nice, I really miss her a lot.  She brought the dog  with her, gotta love the  pooch.  She is always so excited to see everyone and makes  me feel so loved when she covers me in kisses.  I miss coming home to the  little tail wagging, four-legged,  furry child but have to admit that dogs can be some work with having to go outside and then me wandering all over the yard to clean up after their  droppings.  Cats being so self sufficient and going in one location  really are great pets.  I am turning into  a cat lover, just wish my allergies  to felines were not an issue!

Changed the bedding this morning, I so love crisp, clean sheets!  I have to say it again, I LOVE my room!  I love  the way it looks, the mood it sets  in me when I am sitting here.  It is  very much my nest and a haven after a long day of work.  The only thing missing is a flat screen TV for my wall.   I don’t watch a lot of television but it would be nice to be able  to when I want to be alone.  However that is simply not in my budget at this  point.

I have had the strangest mix of food today.   First it was  coffee and a handful of peanut M&M’s, not the breakfast of champions but then I’m not competing in anything.  Later it was a cold beer and lightly buttered popcorn. Then it was more coffee and some more M&M’s.  Tonight it  is grilled steak, corn on the cob,  bake  potatoes and this killer salad.  The salad is so simple, 2 slices of fresh tomatoes (do we LOVE this time of year  for real fresh ones!), a few slices of cucumber, slices of onion and a drizzle of Italian dressing over the top.  That is it,  nothing more, and it is  so good.   I don’t even like tomatoes and cucumbers but in this combination with the dressing and onions  it is a wonderful summer  salad.  It is also a Diva Den favorite.  We’re having dad  over for  dinner tonight as well.

Blogging has become so important to me, I LOVE writing and missed it for years.  I also  LOVE to read and have found dozens of great blogs through many sources.  One thing I have noted is that based on what other bloggers are saying I am very glad I went with Word Press.  Originally I had started a blog on another site but only for about 3 days.  I found it most complicated and not very user friendly.  I have so much yet to learn but I’ve found a lot of great help for  getting themes, buttons, and widgets for my blog page here in the land of Word Press.  I put up some money to buy my domain name and upgrade some of my features, and one  day soon hope to learn how to use plugins as well.   I love that I can see so much about where my blog traffic comes from, which blogs are read and how many times, and it counts all my visitors (with the exception of my own visits). I haven’t quite narrowed down my focus, though life after 23yrs of marriage and finding myself single again seems to be doing well paired  up with the happenings at the Diva Den.

The online dating thing is somewhat on hold at the moment.  I’m just not at all sure where I want to go with relationships at this point beyond knowing I have  NO desire to get into a long term, committed arrangement ever again.  I am also  not certain  that I really wish to spend money to meet men though I would imagine that does help weed out some of the less desirable types.  I have to look harder at this and welcome any input others care to toss my way!

We had the chimney cleaned out this week.  It was going to wait until Fall but then we realized we had birds living in it.  In fact, they were working their way closer to the fireplace itself.  The day the sweeps came to do the cleaning, the cats were positioned in front of the glass doors on the hearth like 2 kids waiting for candy to drop in a vending machine.  To them I am certain that is exactly what it was,  and the birds were the longed after snack.  Lucky for the feathered ones,  the sweeps removed them from the risk and set them free, then cleaned out and capped off the chimney.

Okay, enough rambling on with the mix of my thoughts.  Dinner is nearly ready and time to go spend some time with the family!

Marvelous Marti


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