PMS, Pixel Dust & Fantasy Dialog

7 years ago I had a hysterectomy and while it released me from monthly visits from the menstrual fairy, it did not relieve the PMS symptoms that invade my otherwise pleasant self and morph me into some kind of a demon possessed freak.  If anything, I would say that the older I am the more vicious and scary that demonic aberration can be.  I have 2 distinct days when it hits, and about every 3rd month the symptoms are to the extreme.  One day being the depression day, when I have the blues and will cry at the drop of a hat over ridiculous things, the other is anger day.  I feel it push the rock from in front of its cave, oozing out to course through my veins, taking over any rational thought or irritation and turning into a nuclear melt down.  Yesterday was odd, both hit at once and I flipped back and forth between them as if someone was randomly flipping a switch.  Thankfully the Lexapro does keep things in check so rather than a full blown radioactive disaster we just had a bonfire of anger at times.   I took it out on the soon-to-be ex-husband, who better?

The dung hit the fan blades when I began thinking about the 26 year old bimbo that began sending him her photos on his cell phone within a week of him telling me he wanted a divorce.  She turned up on his Facebook friends a few months prior.  He bragged to some coworkers about this 26 year old being interested in him when the pictures started coming, a big hairy deal for a 45 year old man.  I’m supposed to believe him that she was not in the picture prior to his sudden shift in attitude toward me in those months before telling me he wanted out but that is a little tough to accept.  No man I have consulted for a guy’s opinion is buying it either, in fact all of them kept telling me this divorce likely had more to do with another woman than me.  I got upset on my way home from work thinking about how I had to give up MY husband, house, hot tub and pool and this little tart is now using all of those AND sleeping in my bed.  The embers smoldered into flames and I decided that I was not in the mood to be cooperative with him.   It was an evening of signing paper work that he had not brought the first time and providing copies of my drivers license.  I was NOT in a good place to say the least but happy to report that my prince turned loser in tin foil and I will be officially divorced on August 2nd.  A Monday because the courts don’t do divorces on Fridays.  I wanted it on our anniversary, thought it would be funny to end it on the same day it began but this year August 13th is a Friday, which would be even MORE fitting!

Fantasy dialog – those things you WANT to say or do but don’t, except to someone close to you that knows you’d never really flatten all 4 tires on the car that is parked entirely too close to yours when you come out of the store.  It is a form of venting.  Like last night after king of the swine (hey HE is the one that told me all men are pigs) stopped by.  I told the other Divas that, since the royal oinker is even more allergic to cats than I am, I’d love to take Pixel kitty over there and rub his pillow cases all over her the next time he is on duty at the fire house.  Cat dander would have his baby blues swollen shut and watering by the time he woke up sneezing all over himself.  My mom chimed in and referred to the dander as Pixel Dust.  Not to be confused with Pixie Dust, Pixel Dust isn’t going to help anyone fly no matter how many happy thoughts they can think.  Though if it was Pixie dust, it was one deliciously gleeful thought for me that would have had me soaring above the clouds!  Hmm..maybe rub his bath towel all over her too.

Today is a new day, the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and the evil monster is back in her cave.  Marvi me is back in her glory, wishing nothing but prosperity and happiness for the ex-hubby to be, right after a piano falls on his salt and pepper haired head. *wicked evil grin*


Seems the little ho-se bunny is MARRIED! Found her on my  son’s Facebook, along with her husband’s page, and they have a child,  looks to be about 2yo.  How precious  is that! Wonder if the hubby (who is a co-worker of one of my offspring) is aware  his  wife is spending a lot  of time in my former bed with the soon to be former hubby? Wondering is that the sudden rush to empty out the spare bedroom? Moving her and the little bundle of joy into  the house? How  delicious is that!  *wondering* will the little  girl call Pete step-daddy…or GRANDPA since he is old enough to be her momma’s daddy…..


  1. Have you confirmed that they were/are having an affair? Not just suspicion, but fact. I’m just curious because he swore so much that he wasn’t. But – I guess he probably lied about a lot of stuff at the end trying to delay Hurricane Marvi from pulling a Bobbit on him.

    Honestly – I think they both did you a favor. You seem like you’re feeling so much freer to be yourself and feel loved by the people around you. You’re getting to control the direction of your life – take trips if and where you want to go without having to ask another soul to do anything for you (except feed the cat). Life shouldn’t be about asking permission of others, it should be about enjoyment with a cheerleading squad that wants you to be happy by whatever definition you give that.

    Also, I think history and karma have a sense of humor. She’ll be hitting her sexual peak about the time he’s ready to retire and the kid will be headed to college. How well do you think that bodes for him? I’m thinking he’s going to find himself very single and sad in his retirement about the time she hits your current age – and realizes there is still plenty of time for her to find a hottie in her own age group.

  2. Hi Marvi..
    How can you be so mean, There is no doubt these things are upsetting but some times the person can be made to regret their decision and feel awful by you being kind. At lease it will make him search for his legitimate reason for leaving you, or did he make the right choice.

    • Not sure how I am being mean, James, I gave him the house (pool and hot tub) and walked away with a few pieces of furniture, all the while he was lying and cheating with someone else? Mean would have been to drag this out in court and force him to sell the house and his Harley (which is in my name). I think the 26yo that is cheating on her husband with my husband is also the mean one here, along with my husband…not sure I did anything mean at all. But you are entitled to your opinion.

  3. Wow, this is just sickening. Lots of folks say, “once a cheater, always a cheater”….so, be glad you will soon be rid of him. As for your family, I hope that this information could be kept from the kids although I doubt it. He will always be their dad and regardless of what kinda person he is, they need a relationship with him.
    Keep your chin up as you ride the roller coaster. It sucks, but hold on and in the end you will find yourself smiling. Nobody likes heartache, but perhaps it is there to educate us so that we don’t make the same mistakes again.
    I feel for you!

  4. Isn’t it something that they like to blame the break on you when it is entirely them. I know it will be hard, but you will gain your self esteem back to the fullest and find the love of your life down the line! I am sorry you have to go through this though. I wish you strength and happiness!

    Mama Hen

  5. Oh, honey. Been there, got that t-shirt. It’s not you. You’re gorgeous, funny, and he probably deserved most of what you dished out.

    Be glad you’re getting out. You deserve better. As for the girl? She deserves him.

    You need to have a divorce party on August 2. Personally, I think roasting a pig is a perfect metaphor for a divorce party . . .

    • Oh Grace I do love how you think! Not sure I can pull off a pig roast but a pig stuffed animal in the fire pit on the 13th with plenty of celebration shots sounds like a winner!

  6. “wishing nothing but prosperity and happiness for the ex-hubby to be, right after a piano falls on his salt and pepper haired head. *wicked evil grin*”

    have you heard the song “I’ll pray for you” by Jaron and the Long Road to Love? Here’s a link for ya, it starts out kinda serious, but I am pretty sure it will make you laugh like crazy….. and next time you have one of those days, just tell him you will pray for him.


  7. Raising my imaginary champagne flute into the air to toast –

    May the soon to be exes house be filled with thousands of ants and cockroaches, and may his bimbo get supa dupa fat and all her hair fall out.

    Drink up!

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