Over Night Notes To Self

I am keeping my daughter’s dog, a 7.5 pound, 6 year old Yorkie, while she is  in Florida.  Yesterday was the puppy’s first full day here in the Princess Palace, and last night the second over night, just to set the stage.

NOTE #1 To Self: The doggie will eat the cat’s food, wet or dry, if left unattended.

NOTE #2 To Self: Sometimes a quiet doggie isn’t depressed  and missing her owner, it COULD mean she isn’t feeling so good.


The 7.5 pound cat food eating doggie


NOTE #3 To Self: If,  at 2am, the doggie suddenly jumps  off  of your bed and is crying at  your bedroom door, it might not be because the big cat is on the other side or the doggie is bored, it might mean she really does have to go outside,  NOW, even though she went right before we went night-night.

NOTE #4 To Self: If you ignore note #3,  the doggie WILL poop on your bedroom floor.   Nasty, smelly, cat-food poop that is soft.

NOTE #5 To Self: It is  NO fun to clean up the doggie poop that has been mentioned in Note #4, at 2:30am,  if  you have ignored Note #3 which resulted in Note #4.

NOTE #6 To Self: At 4am it is indeed wise to run for the nearest  exit to the backyard  if Note #3 is repeated at any time during the rest of the night.

NOTE #7 To Self: Note #3 can and will  be repeated many more times through the wee  hours of the morning until the  doggie has purged her system  of the cat food.

NOTE #8 To Self: Never ever again leave the doggie and the cat’s food unattended, and threaten all who offer the doggie a kitty cat treat with certain death.


  1. Found you from Drama Mama’s place…and LOL of the three links she gave, I choose the dog poop story first! Go figure. Hahahaha.

  2. amen to #3 and #4, repeat as necesssary. Wait, if you need to repeat? Disregard. Just sayin’. Giggle. Marti…might wanna re-think the doggie-sitting shituation. (spelling intentional).

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