Wine & Cheese Wednesday

I am generally a pretty upbeat, positive person that sees the glass of life as half full.  I will seek the silver lining in the storm clouds of my life, even though things might get me down for a while.  Even something as heart breaking as my divorce, sooner or later I put on my big girl panties, accept what cannot be changed and fix that which I am able, it’s how I roll.

This happy approach to life does not mean things don’t just fry my last reserve nerve once in a while.  Sometimes when cruising through life something or someone will just annoy me or make me want to scream.  I’ve decided to add a regular, weekly blog in which I can vent, whine, and otherwise get things off my chest.  So starting tomorrow I will add my Wine & Cheese Wednesday blog to my page.  Wine will of course be those things I feel the need to whine about, and the cheese will be some good things I encountered, so they will, like wine and cheese, balance each other out.

Join me tomorrow and enjoy some wine & cheese!