I’m A Reformed Cat Hater

Any conditioned cat-hater can be won over by any cat who chooses to make the effort.
Paul Corey

I love that quote! And yes I am now a reformed cat hater.   Yesterday for my birthday my sister got me an 8 week old kitten.  In some light she appears black, in other light the markings of a deep brown tabby cat are evident and she is about the color of Karo corn syrup.  Because she is so tiny I named her Pixel.

Being so little and young she was very scared and I could not get her to sleep in her bed. Oh she loved it as long as I was up and moving around, but then she cried when I got in bed and came and sat there looking up at me in the night light, meowing.  I tried giving her the t-shirt I had on yesterday and that worked for about 5 minutes before she was back at the side of the bed.  Her little cry got to me so she ended up curled up against my chest for the night.  This made her happy if that is what the purring meant.  It was a safe, warm place for her.  Trouble is she woke during the night and thought it should be play time.  She would nibble and paw at my chin and fingers, then try to walk up my pillow and sit on my hair.  After retrieving her a few times she would nuzzle in again and go back to sleep, only to wake up a few hours later and start over.  I am a bit sleepy to say the least.

I left her with her litter box, which amazes me that she knows what to do with it, food, water and her bed with my t-shirt then closed the door and headed to work.  She will be safest in my room where Noel, the big cat, cannot bother her.  Noel is not impressed and tried to dribble Pixel’s head on the floor a few times and hissed at her.  Because Pixel still has claws I am hoping she takes a swipe at Noel’s nose and that ends the harassment.  Meanwhile I am sure that as soon as any of the Divas arrive home they will have Pixel in their laps or playing with her toys on the floor.

So me who hated cats, then grew to actually like Noel, now has my own cat and I’m falling in love with the adorable little bundle already.  Thankful I am for allergy meds which will allow her to be close to me, and lint rollers for removing traces of her from my bedding and clothes.

I think she is precious and I think loving an animal is great therapy for a broken heart. Therefore, since I am one bad relationship from owning 10 cats it is all the more reason NOT to get emotionally involved again.



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