I Don’t Like Spiders And Snakes

The Jim Stafford song, I Don’t Like Spiders And Snakes, is stuck in my head today.  I remember it well from when I was a little girl.  I really have no idea when it was written or recorded just that I heard it a lot I assume on WSAI AM since that was the only station I listened too as a kid.  It is stuck in my head lately because it is that time of year when we see a lot of spiders in the house of all sorts.   I cannot stand spiders or snakes and neither can my kids.  My big, muscle bound, 26yo son who goes to work chasing down bad guys that might shoot him, will scream like a girl if he encounters an unsuspected spider in the shower.  Go figure.  My 20yo daughter who works in a vet’s office and deals with vicious dogs like bit bulls that have big teeth (the better to eat you with my dear) will cry if she  finds herself ‘cornered’ by a spider the size of her little finger nail.  I hate them myself but as long as it will fit under my shoe to be squashed like a grape I’m not likely to be traumatized by them.  I admit to having ‘spi-dar’, spider radar.  I can be going about my day minding my own business, stroll into the laundry room and as I enter I know the enemy with 8 legs is there before I spot him.  If I stop and look around carefully I will spot it and seconds later it will be a smudge on whatever surface it was crawling.  If I am without shoes on I have found making a fist and smashing it quickly is rather effective too.  It is kind of fun to do that in the presence of my daughter just to watch her skin crawl.   Recently a black spider that had terrorized her in my master bedroom (to hear her it was HUGE) ventured across the floor in front of me on the tile, it has gone to that web in the  sky.  It should be noted that the HUGE spider was smaller than a dime.  This morning my spi-dar has gone off twice, once in my room again as I was tying my shoes I got that ‘feeling’ and glanced up to see my next victim crossing the floor where it met it’s end in front of the desk.  The other was at work in the ladies room where I knew walking in I was being watched by the enemy and sure enough there it was in the last stall.  This one is a fighter and positioned in a corner behind a toilet.  I have tried twice to smash it but it curls into the corner.  I will get it if it doesn’t move along, sooner or later.

Snakes are another thing I cannot stand but I’ve not reached the point of squishing them like I do spiders.  I react like my daughter does to spiders when I encounter a snake.  This same child that is terrified of the spiders would have a pet snake if I had allowed it, the freak.  I accepted the frogs (they come with a periodic feedings of a few dozen crickets), the fish, the rabbits, the rodents and the dog, but was firm on the snake, no snakes in my house ever.   I hope the soon-to-be ex is anticipating it, she WILL launch the “daddy can I have a snake” campaign as soon as I move out this weekend.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall to  observe this process as she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

The weekend was uneventful unless you count leveling up twice in World of Warcraft as excitement.   I was a tad hard on the hubby because I was on an emotional roller coaster, excited that the house is final and ours, but very let down that I could not move in this past weekend, and struggling with  fresh wave of pain over the reality that we are divorcing.  At least it was mostly via texts on our cell phones, but maybe referring to him repeatedly as ‘dickhead’ was a bit over the top?  I suppose I owe him an apology for that. Really I do not hate him, I’m just shattered that he can so easily toss me aside after 23 years together.

Saturday evening we Divas enjoyed a bottle of Little Red Dress Pinot Noir.  Was nice to just relax with the women while we planned the week ahead in anticipation of our move.  Last Saturday it was a bottle of Mad Housewife.  Every Saturday we plan to purchase a bottle of some wine, preferring those with creative names, to try for fun.   Sunday was breakfast of pancakes and goetta, the goetta being a staple for breakfast on Sunday.

I spent the day playing the video game and just lining up the ducks in a row for moving.  I got online and finally narrowed it down and ordered the new bedding for my room.  I’m really pleased with the choice, and added a cute Hello Kitty for the bed sporting a butterfly costume.  It came up on the screen and was too cute not to order.  Another ‘unnecessary’ item that hubby would have said no to had  I asked for it in the past.  Mom is setting up the movers for this weekend, we have to use one that is very reputable and experienced with antiques and special items.  I have a $4000 grandfather clock that has to be moved so I want someone I can trust with my most prized item.  The clock man came and disassembled the inside and packed it all up and will put it  back together at the other end once it has been moved and service it in the process.  I LOVE my clock and want that moved carefully.  Friday night, assuming all works out, it will be me and my sister camping at the new place on the floor for a bonding night while painting our rooms.  We are both eager for the day to get here! 3 more days and a wake-up to go.

This week will be full of activity to make time go by fast, hopefully.  Tonight is the 24 group gathering to watch Jack Bauer continue to save the world.  Tomorrow night hubby will be at the fire house so I’ll stay at my house and pack.  That is sure to be emotional but it needs to be done.  Wednesday after work I’ll be going to have the hair cut and highlighted then Debbie will add pink highlights on the light blond ones.  The pink will wash out over the next few weeks but will be fun to have.  I’m having her show me how to do it so I can do my own when these fade.  Thursday I’ll go get the nails done and then Friday will be here and we can hopefully move.  The weekend will be devoted to painting, the move, and an evening at Linnie’s hopefully with sis and some of our girlfriends to celebrate the big move.  I think chocolate cake shots will be in order!

Well lunch is nearly over and I need to go harvest crops on Farmville,  feed my dog in Yoville and dig for gold in Treasure Isle before the time is up.

*humming I don’t like spiders and snakes…..*

My big boy that hates spiders
My spider fearing snake loving daughter