My Killer Yorkie…

I’ve written about her before, all 8.5 pounds of lean, mean, fighting machine, our very adorable little Yorkie, Penny.  She lives under the mistaken impression that she is a Rott.  She keeps our air space and yard free of squirrels, birds, stray cats and any potential threat (other people walking down the street for example) with her ferocious bark and “come on I dare you” stance.  It is highly amusing.

One of Penny’s favorite things to do is chase bunnies in the back yard.  If we see one outside we quietly let her out the door and say “get the bunny, Penny”.  She surveys the yard and is off the second she sees it.  She will never catch one because she begins barking as soon as she sees the furry little creature and it is gone through the fence long before she is anywhere near.  She runs as fast as her four little legs can carry her around the entire yard before coming back to the porch looking for a reward for the efforts.

My daughter is working for a local vet while going to school for her vet tech degree.  She has always had a gift with animals, they trust her to no end.  The church we used to attend had a meadow and woods behind it.  When she was about 13, while I was preparing the bulletin for the Sunday services, she walked out into the meadow and put her hand out in the direction of a doe and her fawn.  They walked across the meadow to her and allowed her to pet them.  Her daddy walked to the back of the building to look out and see where she was and saw her petting them.  My poor husband nearly had heart failure when he spotted her.  She was oblivious to the danger she was in if she spooked them, they’d have sliced her to pieces with their hooves, but he was very aware.  He eased out into the parking lot at about the same time the buck made an appearance at the edge of the trees and grunted.  The doe and fawn turned and went trotting off into the woods with him.  Then daddy gently lectured his daughter of the danger she had placed herself in.  She simply could not imagine that the deer would hurt her, after all they walked up to her.  We knew she had a gift just really had no concept of how much of one.  She very easily quiets angry or frightened animals, it is amazing to watch her.  She has always had this ability, and always connected with the animal kingdom on a level few can.  Even bugs get her love, she cried once when daddy ran over a pill bug with the car.  She has a collection of rodents (sorry but rabbits are rodents, as are hamsters and gerbils of which she has many) at her boyfriend’s house because daddy won’t allow them in our home.  We had 4 house rabbits at one point and the memory of them has yet to fade for either of us.  At home she has 2 frogs and a 25 gallon aquarium  in her room, that is enough for us along with the dog.

Last night she brought home one of her bunnies from her boyfriend’s house because she was taking it to work for a checkup the next morning.  Jerry Lee is his name and he looks like a large version of the wild rabbits we have in the landscaping.  His large cage sat in the living room over night, much to the delight of Penny.  She thought he was a toy for her!  She wagged her tail and went around his cage sniffing him all evening.  Poor Jerry Lee stayed in the furthest corner of the cage out of Penny’s reach.  First thing this morning she ran from my daughter’s room to Jerry Lee’s  cage to be sure the new toy was still there.  Jerry Lee had enough and thumped his  back paw down on the bottom of that cage so hard it sounded like a gun shot.  During the night he had done this and Pete thought it was a gun shot and got up to investigate, making his rounds through the house, even thinking perhaps a spring had snapped on the garage door until when he came back through the living room he realized it had been the rabbit.  The move scared Penny half to death, sending her fleeing to the bathroom with me and my daughter.  She was visibly shaken by the confrontation and we got a real good laugh out of little Miss Tough Dog being afraid suddenly of a bunny.  When I let her out of the bathroom  she refused to go near the cage, I had to carry her through the living room to the kitchen to let her outside.  Upon returning she went all the way around the perimeter of the room,  around the back side of the couch before emerging and realizing she could not get down the hallway without passing Jerry Lee’s cage.  She sat down and whined, and I was doubled over laughing at her.  I retrieved Penny and carried her back to my daughter’s room where she hid until Jerry Lee had left the house.  I’m not certain how long it will be before she is ready to take on the bunnies in the yard again but my guess is for a little while they are safe from the killer Yorkie.

The Killer Yorkie