I’ve Offended The Dog

We have this adorable little 9 pound Yorkie, Penny.  She has been the subject of my blog on the other page a few times as she is my little buddy and often my shadow when I’m home.  While she is our daughter’s dog she prefers to sleep in my bed under a blanket I made, right at my feet.  This is  most likely because I am the one that feeds her so she knows when I crawl out it is chow time and she can ensure she doesn’t miss it this way. No matter the reason for her undying adoration, I’ll take it.

If you’ve been following the Drama Unit saga you know that we are in the process of buying one house and selling another.  My youngest niece has a kitten named Noel because she got her in December.  Noel is just adorable and this is coming from someone who hates cats with a passion. To me the only good one is a dead one.  But Noel wormed her little self into my heart.  I have to accept her anyway, she will be yet another female at Estrogen Ground Zero soon.  Anyway the cat has to be out of the house if there is a showing and today at 11:30 there was one scheduled.  I had to go get the cat and her litter box and remove them from the house, so I brought her to my home.  My dog is a snob and won’t even acknowledge another dog as far as socializing, only goes after those she deems a threat to me.  I anticipated a problem when I brought Noel in the house, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Penny thought it was a new toy for her.  Noel weighs in at about 4 pounds if that.  She is a small cat and the vet says she won’t likely get much bigger.  Penny out sizes her by 5 pounds and looks her in the eye as far as height.  Penny’s little tail wagged away, she really was ready to play which surprised me.  Noel was having no part of it, fur all standing up and hissing every time Penny got near her.  Poor Penny, she really did just want to run through the house and have fun and Noel just wanted to be left alone.  After several tries the dog gave up and went to her usual cushion on the love seat and Noel took refuge on a chair under the dinning room table.  A few times Penny went looking for her but with no cat experience had no idea to look UP for the feline.

When it was time to take Noel back home I packed up the litter box and then the cat. The dog started barking when I put Noel in her carrier, she was pissed off that I took her toy! Now that I’ve returned to the house she is shunning me, completely offended that I brought in this new toy then took it away again! She’ll get over it I’m sure, but wow all that over what would be her enemy. When I have visitation of the dog (yes I am getting her weekends but that is because of the daughter and Pete’s work schedules so we jokingly call it visitation rights) she and Noel will hopefully form a friendship.  Meanwhile my older niece about has grandma talked into a puppy, another toy breed that doesn’t shed. Just wait til I come home with a tea cup Yorkie for me! Oh and all females, we don’t want a hormone imbalance!

Oh and shhh….Pete is allergic to cats, let’s not tell him Noel was here!